>_Programming podcast with Minko Gechev

About the podcast

The "Programming" podcast with Minko Gechev is a weekly show that aims to make us better software engineers! With each new episode, you'll get exposed to a new idea in a brief and accessible way. Listening to the show:

  • Will help you understand where you can apply computer science concepts for more elegant and efficient solutions.
  • Give you an intuition how complex algorithms and patterns work.
  • Help you land your next engineering job by expanding your knowledge.
  • Spark your interest for further reading so you can dig deeper and get more detailed understanding

Having a computer science degree is not a requirement for getting value from the "Programming" podcast. If you have one, you'll finally understand how you can use all the math you've studied.

For feedback, questions, and requests, please reach out to me at podcast@gechev.io.

About the host

Minko Gechev is a senior engineer at Google, where he develops tools for Angular. Before joining Google, he was a technical co-founder and the CTO of Rhyme.com, which in 2019 was acquired by Coursera.

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria awarded Minko for his projects with a high social impact and for his contributions to computer science and software engineering.

In 2019 Forbes Bulgaria included Minko Gechev in their selection "30 under 30" in category Science and Technology.